• Post Graduate Gown (Advanced Student Gown)

    The Post Graduate student’s gown may be worn only by those who have been admitted to read for one of the following degrees and who are not Oxford graduates: Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Medicine reading for the Second B.M. Examination, Bachelor of Divinity, Bachelor of Civil Law, Magister Juris, Master of Science, Master of Letters, Master of Philosophy, Master of Studies, Master of Theology, Master of Business Administration or Bachelor of Philosophy. Students reading for diplomas (other than special diplomas) may also wear this gown. Graduates of other universities reading for any of the above degrees, may however wear the academic dress of their previous universities if they prefer to do so. Senior Students reading for a B.A degree are not entitled to wear the graduate student’s gown.

    The gown is of the same style as that for a commoner, but it reaches to the knees of the wearer and has streamers on each side hanging the length of the gown. A square cap is worn or for women, a soft cap if preferred.

    £39.99 inc. VAT