• Coronation

    Coronation Robes

    Blenheim Palace recently commissioned Walters & Co to make replica Coronation Robes for the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. These luxurious gowns now prominently displayed in the Palace and can be viewed often in the Palace’s very spectacular Library.

    During the last 300 years there have only been twelve coronations, the last one being in 1953 for Queen Elizabeth II.

    These robes the epitome of extravagance and are made from the finest crimson velvet, trimmed in white fur with rows of black spots. The rows of spots explain subtly the Peers rank.

    Duke = 4 Rows

    Marquee = 3 ½ Rows

    Earl = 3 Rows

    Viscount = 2 ½

    When considering having one or more the above gowns made, we recommend a consultation where possible. We are happy to host these at our store in Oxford or are able to meet in London if it is more suitable.

    Should you be interested in a consultation to discuss any of our services, please email emma.brownsea@walters-oxford.co.uk.

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