• UGM Hood (Undergraduate Masters)

    The hood is Dean Burgon shape, black rayon lined with a sand/gold.

    This degree status covers the following degrees:

    • Master of Biochemistry (MBiochem)
    • Master of Chemistry (MChem)
    • Master of Earth Sciences (MEarthSci)
    • Master of Engineering (MEng)
    • Master of Mathematics and Computer Science (MMath&ComSci)
    • Master of Physics (MPhys)
    • Master of Computer Science (MComSci)
    • Master of Mathematics (MMath)
    • Master of Mathematics and Philosophy (MMath&Phil)
    • Master of Physics and Philosophy (MPhys&Phil)

    To be worn with a UGM lace gown, available below.

    £29.99£69.99 inc. VAT

    Ex-Hire Polyester
    £29.99 inc. VAT
    Heavy Rayon
    £69.99 inc. VAT
    £39.99 inc. VAT

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